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Role and Policy

Knowledge - Maturity - Development

Kópavogur Grammar School is an educational institution operating in accordance with legislation pertaining to secondary education passed by the Icelandic parliament in 1996. This legislation defines the terms of the contract entered into between the Icelandic Ministry of Education and Kópavogur Grammar School. The terms of this agreement are as follows:

The school’s defined role is to provide education leading to the matriculation exam and entry to university, to provide vocational education, particularly in the culinary field, and, in addition, to offer education in the field of tourism, both in its day and evening school courses. All of these educational programmes should be offered within the module system.

The school should strive to attain the all round maturity and development of students in accordance with existing legislation for secondary schools in Iceland.

As a school, Kópavogur Grammar School should prepare students for entry to the job market and further education, develop a sense of responsibility and awareness, train students in disciplined work habits, teach them to appreciate things cultural and encourage them towards a constant search for knowledge.

In its curriculum the school should set out its policy and aims, outline its organizational structure and regulations, define the various study lines or majors and provide syllabi descriptions for the various modules.

In Kópavogur Grammar School particular emphasis is placed on knowledge, maturity and development in all school activities involving both students and staff. Kópavogur Grammar School is a grammar school in the broadest understanding of such an institution offering academic and vocational education:

The following are the main goals of the school’s educational policy:
Educating students through a method of instruction that does not impede initiative.
Providing students with a broad perspective on life.
Teaching students in a manner that encourages rather than restricts independent thought.
Setting an example to students regarding such qualities as hard work, awareness and punctuality.
Emphasizing the dual concepts of knowledge and development.
Assisting each individual in reaching a degree of maturity.

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