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Personnel policy

Kópavogur Grammar School: A sought-after workplace

The school personnel policy reflects the management’s clearly-defined goal of creating a harmonious working environment conducive to good and creative work by a motivated, well-educated and responsible staff. The school is also highly conscious of having a clearly-defined equal opportunities policy. The aim is to make the school a sought-after institution in which to teach due to the professional environment it offers its staff.

The aim of the school’s overall policy is to enable MK to fulfill its officially-defined role and successfully meet the expectations the public have of it and its staff. In order that the school can achieve its defined aim, it needs to employ qualified and motivated staff that are willing to commit themselves fully to implementing the school’s policy and be ready to meet the ever changing needs of both students and society.

It is school policy that every teacher should be fully qualified and that other staff also be specialized in their fields. All appointments are made on the basis that the appointee’s education and talents are such that they will help the school in achieving its defined aims.

Expectations of staff:
That they be good role models in their job.
That they show an ability and willingness to work cooperatively.
That they display both initiative and independence.
That they be understanding and responsible.
That they be flexible and willing to adjust to change.

Staff expectations of the school:
That job descriptions and obligations be clearly defined.
That they are given the opportunity to grow and develop in their job, achieved through increased responsibility, further training and a positive morale.
That they are extended trust, consideration and honesty.
That they are given the opportunity to contribute and so create a positive working environment.
That they are given the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process, particularly in matters directly relating to their job.
That their job security and salary be as secure as possible.

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