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ForsíðaJob Security Policy

Job Security Policy

Job Security for All

The school’s management is aware of its responsibility for ensuring job security for all those working in the school. School policy is that the premises, equipment and the working environment all comply with the standards and regulations relating to health, safety and job security. Concerning this, the management places particular emphasis on the following: That the environment be bright, spacious and have the correct temperature and humidity levels. That noise and air pollution be kept to a minimum and that equipment, for example desks and chairs, be of a suitable size.

Regarding safety issues, there is a committee which serves as a forum for dialogue between staff and administration. Members of the committee are nominated by staff and the school principal. The role of the committee is to see to and supervise improvements concerning equipment, health issues and general safety. In this way it is possible to guarantee that standards are as prescribed by law. The committee also works in close cooperation with The State Supervisory Body for the Workplace and refers any matters of contention to them. A staff member who is aware of some malfunction or problem that could jeopardize safety or prove to be a health hazard, and which he or she can not put right, should immediately inform the committee.

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