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Kópavogur Senior Grammar School formally opened its doors as the first senior secondary school in Kópavogur town on September 22, 1973. Its first principal was Ingolfur A. Þorkelsson. The school was initially housed in a wing of one of the town’s elementary schools and had 125 students in six branches of study. In 1982 the traditional form system was changed so as to partly incorporate the module system. After ten years the school transferred to its present location, where yet again the premises would be a former elementary school. In 1991 construction of an extensive addition to the school began and this was completed in 1993. In 1996 a culinary school with state-of-the-art facilities was added to the school’s complex.

In 1995 the school system was changed to its present format, which is the modular system, and a year later teaching began in the school’s various vocational departments. In 1993 Ingolfur A. Þorkelsson retired and the present principal, Margrét Friðríksdóttir, was appointed.

The school has seen many changes since its foundation over thirty years ago. Today there are over 1300 students studying in three major areas of study. Approximately 750 students are pursuing the four-year academic programme that concludes with the university matriculation exam; 300 students are in the culinary school; and there are around 250 students enrolled in tourism studies, yet another specialized area of education offered by the school. The Kópavogur Grammar School has always been keenly aware of the value of having well-qualified and motivated staff and today its teaching personnel is comprised of enthusiastic professionals who are among the best in their fields.

The school’s aim is to continue to offer the very best in academic and vocational education and indeed to further expand these areas. Also the intention is to add new programmes so as to meet the ever-changing needs of the private sector.

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