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Educational Policy

Knowledge - Maturity - Development

Kópavogur Grammar School is a senior secondary school in the broadest definition of the term and offers both academic and vocational education. The types of educational courses available are extremely varied and all have the shared aim of ensuring that students are well equipped to meet the demands made by society. In essence, the school provides a learning environment within which students can make an educational choice in line with their interests and talents and one which will effectively prepare them for the work market or further study.

One of the school’s prime aims is that management and staff keep abreast of the latest developments in teaching methodology, teaching material and classroom facilities. The school’s learning environment incorporates a range of teaching methods and student evaluation is carried out in a way that best suits each method.

The school seeks to employ the best qualified staff and provides them with the scope to work independently and so bring their own creativity into play. Teachers are also positively encouraged to attend refresher courses and given the means to do so.

The school’s goal is to provide its students with a challenging and maturing learning environment. The school seeks to inculcate among its students a desire for achievement and encourages good behaviour in both academic and extra curricular activities. The school encourages students to adopt an independent approach towards their work and to be self-disciplined, critical and forward looking.

The school’s quality control policy fully complements its educational policy, i.e. the pursuit of knowledge, maturity and development for both its students and staff.

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